Carmina Esquivel

Carmina Esquivel

Looking For Romeo Book Cover

Looking For Romeo

June Capehart is thrilled when an old edition of Romeo and Juliet arrives at her local library. After all, she’s been a huge fan of the famous star-crossed lover, since her definition of the perfect guy is someone exactly like Romeo Montague.

But fictional guys can’t be dating material for her best friend’s annual theme party. Not that June has ever dated before. And going with her best friend, Alex, like every year, will make the rumors about them being a secret couple come true. The only problem is that Alex sent June to the friend zone a long time ago.

Fortunately a peculiar guy appears out of nowhere and seems to be too good to believe. His arrival, however, will bring more than one turning point to June’s summer. When fiction and reality collide, June’s love life gets tangled. Some love stories aren’t meant to last, and nobody wants theirs to end.


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