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Music That Inspired Looking For Romeo

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The Classical Music

I am a music fan. At several points in my life, I tried to learn how to read music sheets and play the piano. But to be honest, I wasn’t very successful at it since I wasn’t very patient. But eventually in my college years, I found a way, learned to be more patient and was able to play a couple of pieces.

Since my writing comes out much better if I have music in the background, I decided to share with you the music I listened to the most while writing Looking for Romeo.

  • Abel Korzeniowski’s score of the 2013 movie Romeo and Juliet. Especially the piece “Juliet’s Dream”.
  • Ludovico Einaudi’s music, he’s amazing. “Experience” is my favorite and I listened to it on repeat.
  • Riopy’s music evokes so many feelings in me. I constantly listened to “Sakura” and “Meditation 22” while writing the last chapters.

Do you listen to music while you read?

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Behind Chapter Four: The Songs That Inspired Alex

Alex says, “You don’t have to understand music to feel it” and I couldn’t agree more ! I’m very fortunate to be bilingual, just like him, and many times I have found very meaningful songs in different languages. 

The song that Alex plays in Chapter Four, while he’s sitting on his front porch, was inspired by several songs that I like very much.

  • “Maná ft. Pablo Alborán’s Rayando el Sol”
  • “Sebastián Yatra’s No hay nadie más”
  • “Ed Sheeran’s Photograph”

The lyrics are very romantic. If you have the chance, look for the translation of the Spanish ones. I imagined it was precisely what Alex would sing while thinking of June. 

Music inspiring Looking for Romeo
Songs that inspired looking for Romeo

Behind Chapter Fifteen: The Songs that inspired Alex To Write his Own Song

Alex plays a song in El Marqués that is crucial to the story. Alex is not very good at showing his feelings but when it comes to music, he has no trouble at all. I am not a songwriter but I loved writing poetry when I was sixteen and I’ve always believed that lyrics are a different kind of poetry. One that we repeat over and over until we sing it out loud.


Here are some songs that inspired me to write my own song. I mean, Alex to write his!

  • “Hanson’s If Only”
  • “Jesse and Joy ft. Luis Fonsi’s Tanto”
  • “Mercurio’s Cómo decirle que la quiero” (I was really young when I was obsessed with this Mexican boy band)
  • “Matisse’s Más Que Amigos”

I hope you enjoy listening to them while reading this chapter.

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