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Carmina Esquivel

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Carmina started her career as an engineer, but then she realized she was much happier writing stories. She has lived in three countries and visited many others, always taking inspiration from her travels without forgetting her Mexican roots.

When she’s not writing about imaginary people, reading, or finding pretty books at a public library, she can be found at home, baking or crafting with yarn or fabric. Most of the time those crafts become toy versions of her characters or beloved toys for her kids.

She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, two amazing kids, and two funny dogs.

Unofficial Bio

I love the clear blue skies and the baby green color of the leaves when they come out in spring.

I consider myself a dog person but like cats too.

I love making Amigurumi and anything yarn and fabric related. You can see it here.

I don’t like anything pumpkin, including pumpkin spice latte.

My brain thinks in Spanish so sometimes my jokes become confusing and don’t make sense in English.

My favorite places in the world are Montreal and Ireland.

If there’s a tornado warning near my home town in Texas, I get very anxious but try to act chill so my son won’t get stressed.

I love dancing with my daughter and having family dance parties. Which is the four of us dancing spontaneously in the living room.

If I could change one thing of my past, would be to never stop playing the piano.

I am a night owl but have grown to love early mornings when I’m rested.


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